St. Petersburg Mining University
St. Petersburg
Об университете
St. Petersburg Mining University is the first higher technical educational institution in Russia, founded by the decree of Empress Catherine II on October 21 (November 1), 1773 for the training of mining engineers.

Today, the University occupies a leading position in its profile in world rankings. In particular, in 2021, Mining University ranked 12th in the world according to QS in the profile "Mineral&Mining Engineering".

The University trains specialists in the field of industrial and civil engineering, mining engineering, oil and gas engineering, economics, industrial safety, and geoecology.
Направления и формы обучения
Bachelor's programs, 4 years (b), Master's programs, 2 years (m), Specialist's programs, 5-6 years (s):
Ecology and Nature Management (b, m)
Architecture (b, m)
Civil Engineering (b, m)
Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures (s)
Informatics and Computer Engineering (b, m)
Information Systems and Technology (b, m)
Electronics and Nanoelectronics (b, m)
Radio-Electronic Systems and Complexes (s)
Instrument Engineering (b, m)
Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering (b, m)
Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering(b, m)
Mechanical Engineering (b, m)
Technological Machines and Equipment (b, m)
Automation of Technological Processes and Production (b, m)
Chemical Technology (b, m)
Technosphere Safety (b, m)
Oil and Gas Engineering (b, m)
Land Management and Cadastres (b, m)
Applied Geodesy (s)
Applied Geology (s)
Geological Exploration Technology (s)
Mining Engineering (s)
Oil and Gas Equipment and Technologies (s)
Materials Science and Technology (b, m)
Metallurgy (b, m)
Technology of Transport Processes (b, m)
Ground Transportation Technology (s)
Контактная информация
Ilya Mishin – Head of External Programmes Department, Center of pre-university and special programmes
Tel.: +7 812 321-40-81