D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia
Dmitriy Mendeleev University trains bachelors and masters, while maintaining the traditional training of specialists in a number of specialties. In recent years, the task of providing production not only with chemical technologists, but also with managers, economists, sociologists, environmentalists, and information technology specialists has arisen. The University also provides such training.

Education in the Dmitriy Mendeleev University is the acquisition of fundamental knowledge, compliance with the world requirements for modern specialists, the ability to comprehensively solve tasks in the system "science-production-environment-personal development".

Today, Dmitriy Mendeleev University occupies a leading position among technical universities in Russia. According to the authoritative international rating agency QS, RHTU is among the TOP 150 leading universities in the BRICS countries. In 2016, RHTU entered the QS subject rating in chemistry. Graduates of the university occupy leading positions in the scientific, industrial and managerial spheres, business. We are proud that more than 50 graduates of Dmitriy Mendeleev University have been elected academicians and corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the Russian Academy of Sciences.
The University is widely known in the world's scientific circles. The university's scientists develop unique technologies and create new materials for the high-tech sectors of the Russian economy and the military-industrial complex. The scientific topics of the university cover almost all branches of chemistry, chemical technology, petrochemistry, biotechnology and correspond to the priority areas of development of science, technology and technology of the Russian Federation.

Youth organizations are actively working at the university. Students can devote their leisure time to scientific and technical creativity, sports, music classes in the choir and brass band, work in the student council or the club. The University strives to create all conditions for self-realization of students, building up the scientific, leadership and creative potential of young people.
For students
Full-time education

04.03.01 Chemistry (program Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry)
04.03.01 Chemistry (program Organic and hybrid materials for energy conversion and storage)
04.05.01 Fundamental and Applied Chemistry
05.03.06 Ecology and nature management
09.03.01 Informatics and computer technology
09.03.02 Information systems and technologies
03.15.02 Technological machines and equipment (program Technological machines and equipment for the production of high-temperature functional materials)
03.15.02 Technological machines and equipment (program Technological machines and equipment for polymer processing)
18.03.01 Chemical technology
18.03.02 Energy and resource saving processes in chemical technology, petrochemistry and biotechnology
05.18.01 Chemical technology of energy-rich materials and products
05.18.02 Chemical technology of materials of modern energy
19.03.01 Biotechnology
03.20.01 Technosphere safety
22.03.01 Materials Science and Materials Technology
27.03.01 Standardization and Metrology (Standardization and Certification Program)
28.03.02 Nanoengineering
03.28.03 Nanomaterials
03.29.04 Technology of artistic processing of materials
38.03.02 Management
Part-time education:
38.03.02 Management
45.03.02 Linguistics
Full-time education:
04.04.01 Chemistry
05.04.06 Ecology and nature management
09.04.02 Information systems and technologies
18.04.01 Chemical technology
18.04.02 Energy and resource saving processes in chemical technology, petrochemistry and biotechnology
04.19.01 Biotechnology
20.04.01 Technosphere safety
22.04.01 Materials Science and Materials Technology
04/27/01 Standardization and metrology
04/27/06 Organization and management of knowledge-intensive industries
28.04.03 Nanomaterials
38.04.02 Management
38.04.04 State and Municipal Administration
45.04.02 Linguistics
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