Moscow State University of Food Production
The university is located in the center of moscow

It takes 30 minutes to get from the University campuses to Red Square.

Assistance with admission

We will help you to get acquainted with the university and its rules by providing all the necessary information. We will make sure that students do not miss admission tests and take part in the grand opening of the new academic year.

Student group mentors

At the beginning of the academic year each first-year student group is assigned a Faculty Mentor. Mentors are always ready to help you with everyday student problems.

Active student life

MSUPP has an extensive list of various activities in which students participate. The university holds an annual celebration of the Day of the Nutritionist, students also actively participate in charity events, master classes and contests.

Preparatory faculty

The university provides training in the Russian language for the specialty. Language training for foreign citizens precedes their studies in higher education programs. At the end of the course you will be able to communicate and express your thoughts, due to full immersion in the language environment and daily practice.

Internships in foreign countries

We have more than 50 partner universities and organize internships in many countries. This is a unique opportunity to travel while studying, gaining new knowledge and skills.
For students
Moscow State University of Food Production offers the following levels of education:
• Bachelor's degree (4 years full-time, 5 years extramural)
• Specialist's degree (5 years full-time, 6 years extramural)
• Master's degree (2 years full-time, 3 years extramural)
• Postgraduate degree (from 3 years full-time)
• Internship (2 years full-time).

Bachelor and Master Programs:
• Informatics and Computer Engineering
• Technological Machines and Equipment, Refrigeration, Cryogenic Equipment and Life Support Systems
• Biotechnolog
• Food from Raw Materials
• Food from Animal Origin
• Food Technology and Organization of Public Catering
• Quality Management
• Management in Technical System
• Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise
• Management and many others.

Specialist programs:
• Veterinary medicine
• Customs science

Postgraduate programs:
• Biological Sciences
• Informatics and Computer Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Industrial Ecology and Biotechnology
• Management in Technical Systems
• Veterinary and Zootechnics.

We provide a wide range of medical specialties in surgical and therapeutic areas of medical internships.
Also, foreign citizens have the opportunity to take a course in Russian to prepare for admission to the University at the preparatory Faculty.
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Pavel Gultyaev