Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis
State accreditation.

80% of teachers hold PhD and doctors of science degree.
All applicants are only eligible to take internal exams.
Study takes place through our own educational distance learning platform Instudy. Students have the opportunity to communicate and complete assignments together, communicate with teachers within the platform.
Guaranteed full-time internship for all the students
Upon completion of studies each student will be granted with a State Diploma.
For students
BACHELOR'S Degree in the following directions:
Psychological education (full-time-part-time: 5 years)
Psychological and pedagogical education (4.6 years)
Special defectological education (4.6 years)
Human Resources Management ( 5 years)

MASTER'S Degree (study period: 2.3-2.5 years):
Profile "Family Counseling and Psychotherapy"
Profile "Clinical and psychological counseling with the basics of psychotherapy"
Profile "Applied Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Consulting"
Profile "Counseling Psychology"
Profile "Practical Psychology and Coaching"
Profile "Psychocorrection, social adaptation and teaching children with developmental disabilities"
Profile "Neurodefectology"
Profile "Children's Practical Psychology and Engineering of the Developing Environment"
Profile "Educational Psychology and School Counseling"
Profile "Psychotherapy of Post-Stress Disorders"