Moscow State University of Food Production

The Moscow State University of Food Production (MSUFP) – the largest engineering university in the Russian Federation that trains specialists for the food and processing industries of agrarian and industrial complex.


About the University MSUFP

About 9,000 students study at the university, 484 coming from neighbouring countries and abroad. The University trains specialists for the following areas of science and technology:

– Veterinary;
– Biotechnology;
– Beer brewing technology;
– Wine making;
– Economics;
– Food safety;
– Merchandizing;
– Public catering;
– Meat and dairy products technology;
– Vegetable raw materials processing;
– Sugar, subtropical and food and flavoring products technology (tea, coffee, tobacco, spices);
– Technological equipment;
– Automation of processing industry;
– Informatics;
– Medicine (Extension course for medical practitioners);

MSUFP partners are: Institute of International Education (the USA), Northeast Agricultural University (the People’s Republic of China), Michigan State University (the USA), University of Economics in Bratislava (Slovakia), Khujand Polytechnical Institute of Tajik Technical University by academician M. Osimi (Republic of Tajikistan), M.O. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University (Kazakhstan), Almaty Technological University (Kazakhstan), State Institute for Agricolous Researches in Nant (France), Military and Medicine Academy in Sofia (Bulgaria)




Directions and forms of study in MSUFP

Preparatory faculty (Russian language)

Bachelor programs:

– Computer Science;
– Technological Machinery and Equipment;
– Automation of Technological Processes and Production;
– Mechatronics and Robotics;
– Refrigeration, Cryogenic Technology;
– Biotechnology;
– Food from Plant Raw Materials;
– Food of Animal Origin;
– Production Technology and Organization of Public Catering;
– Technological Safety;
– Operation of Transport Technological Machines and Complexes;
– Standardization and Metrology;
– Quality Management;
– Technology of Printing and Packaging Production;
– Veterinary Technology
– Veterinary Medicine.

Master programs:

– Computer science;
– Technological machinery and equipment;
– Refrigerating appliances;
– Cryogenic technology;
– Biotechnology;
– Food from plant raw materials;
– Animal origin food;
– Product technology and catering organization;
– High-tech food manufacturing;
– Quality management;
– Veterinary and sanitary expertise;
– Management;

Specialty programs:

– Veterinary Medicine;
-Customs Affairs;

College programs:

– Computer Networks;
– Laboratory Analyst;
– Baker;
– Catering Technology;
– Commodity Research and Consumer Goods Quality Expertise;
– Hotel Service.

The University also offers internship programs in popular medical specialties and postgraduate programs.

Our speakers


Ekaterina Chilikina

Senior teacher of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language


Lilia Kovtun

Head of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language, Candidate of Cultural Sciences, Associate Professor


Pavel Gultiaev

Senior specialist of the Institute of International Education MSUE