State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture

Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture is one of the leading and dynamically developing educational institutions in the region. The University of Arts and Culture engaged in training of highly qualified specialists of social and cultural sphere of the Belgorod region and the whole of the Central Black Earth region.


About the University BSUAC

Unique specialists, honored artists and honorary workers of culture of Russia, members of the Union of designers, architects, blacksmiths and artists of Russia teach at the University. Today BSUAC is a family of 3218 students, including 300 foreign students from 21 countries.

The geography of the creative university is wide, and is distinguished by its international cooperation: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Hungary, Switzerland, Morocco, Belarus, Egypt, Vietnam. Last year, there were visits of delegations from France, Serbia, Germany, China, Spain, Sudan.

Teachers and students at the University is one big family. They inspire each other, work together to create art projects, participate and win in international competitions.

BSUAC is not only hot dances, emotional performances, rhythmic music, but it is also comfortable living conditions and search for inspiration. More than 20 creative teams, 12 sports clubs with a gym and fitness facilities, as well as 4 dormitories, all conditions for comfortable training.

The close relationship with the art and culture of the region and the country, a unique creative atmosphere, work and study in the close-knit family and a limitless number of opportunities for self-realization – this is BSUAC.


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Directions and forms of study in BSUAC

BSUAC trains specialists in various fields of activity:

– Musicians of pop, jazz, folk orchestras;
– Pianists, accordionists;
– Musicians of orchestral string instruments, orchestral wind and percussion instruments, stringed plucked instruments;
– Vocalists of various genres: folk singing, academic vocals, pop-jazz singing;
– Conductors;
– Sound engineers;
– Graphic designers;
– Environment designers (interior + exterior);
– Costume designers;
– Graphic artists;
– Sculptors;
– Masters of arts and crafts;
– Dancers;
– Choreographers;
– Directors of theatrical performances;
– Actors;
– Tourism managers;
– Managers of social and cultural activities;
– Publishing professionals;
– Specialists in museology and protection of cultural and natural heritage sites.

Postgraduate training for the following scientific specialties:

– Linguistics and Literary Studies:
Profile: “Library science, bibliography and bibliology”.

– Culturology:
Profile: “Theory and history of culture”.

– Education and pedagogical sciences:
Profile: “Theory and methods of vocational education.”

Our speakers


Andreeva Svetlana

Head of the International center, PhD, professor


Olga Bezuglova

Education coordinator