Far Eastern Federal University
Far Eastern Federal University is one of the leading Russian universities that located close to the Asia-Pacific Region. FEFU university is the center of international cooperationg with many countries in the world. Far Eastern Federal University is kind of a platform, which hosts different international events almost every day.

Currently there are 3 500 international students from 74 countries study at FEFU. Despite the students, FEFU can be proud of our international educators and the Russian professors, because they are highly-qualifid professionals having the worl-level experience.
FEFU international srudents study not only educational programs taught in Russian, but also in English. On the university campus there are necessary conditions for international environment – you will feel comfortable here even if you don't speak Russian.
The Campus is situaded on the Russky Island that conneted with Vladivostok with the bridge. It needs you near 30 minutes to get to the city center by bus or taxi.

The admission campaign for international applicants requiring visa support will end on June 30.

If you have any questions about the admission process via email interadmission@dvfu.ru.

You can apply for scholarship in the following cases:
1. If you are a compatriot living abroad, then you have the right to receive higher education on an equal basis with the citizens of the Russian Federation.
2. If you are not a compatriot, then you can contact Rossotrudnichestvo (https://education-in-russia.com/). You can find out more about scholarship on the FEFU website.
If you do not speak Russian but you plan to study on the programs taught in Russian, we offer pre-university courses of Russian. Please contact to the Center for Russian Language and Culture via e-mail: crlc@dvfu.ru; website https://www.dvfu.ru/international/center-of-russia...
For students
Far Eastern Federal University consist of 9 Schools:

School of Data Economy is the first school of the Digital Economy in Russia. The School prepares only masters in areas related to IT with an emphasis on applied research.

Institute of Oriental Studies – School of Regional and International Studies. This school has great experience in collaborating with leading international universities, closely works with diplomats, politicians and trains professionals in international relations, linguistics, regional studies.

School of Economics and Management, where you can study the world economy or become a specialist in tourism.

Politechnical Insitute trains highly skilled personnel required for technological and scientific developments.

School of Biomedicine provides knowledge in biomedicine, pharmacy, nutritional technologies, molecular biology, chemistry.

School of Natural Science specializing in physics and chemistry, electronics, information technologies and computer systems.

School of Arts and Humanities offers specialized study in fields of history, philosophy, journalism, sociology, education and religious studies.

School of Law provides all levels of legal education.

School of Education trains future teachers.

The admission campaign for international applicants requiring visa support will end on June 30. If you have any questions about the admission process via email interadmission@dvfu.ru.

International Relations
Applied Mathematics and Information Science
Mathematics and IT Science
Mathematical Software and Administration of Information System
Physics Science
School of Engineering
Environmental Management
Soil science
Architectural Space Design
Construction and Engineering
Construction of unique buildings and structures
Computer Science
Applied Informatics
Software Engineering
Information Security
Computer Security
IT and Connection System
Professional Equipment Engineering
Electrical Power Engineering
Oil and Gas Engineering
Mechatronics and Robotic Science
Chemical Engineering
Production technology and catering
Technosphere safety
Asian and African studies
Fundamental and applied linguistics
Theological studies
Physical fitness
Medical biophysics
General medicine

More information you can see on the FEFU website

FEFU has the following undergraduate programs taught in English
∙ International Relations
∙ Molecular Biotechnology
∙ General Medicine
∙ Cybersecurity
Master's degree program taught in English:
Biology - Molecular and Cell Biology
Construction Engineering -1) Оffshore and Сoastal Engineering 2) BIM design technology
Biotechnology - 1) Molecular Biotechnology (Double Degree) 2) Agri-Food Biotechnology
Technology of Products and Catering Services - Management and organization of public catering production
Public Health - Leadership and governance in public health
Management - International Business and Project management
International Relations - 1) Politics and Economics in Eurasia (Double Degree) 2) Russia in the Asia-Pacific
Teacher Education – Russian language, literature and cultural education
Тел.: +7 423 265-24-24 (доб. 2206)
E-mail: interadmission@dvfu.ru