Don State Technical University
For applicants who do not speak Russian, DSTU offers to undergo training according to a unique program that will enable them to learn the Russian language and be prepared for admission to DSTU and other Russian universities.

The operator of the program is the International faculty. The duration is 10 or 18 months. The program is based on individual tracks, includes modules for intensive study of the Russian language and general education disciplines within the chosen professional field:
• Engineering and IT;
• Business and Economics;
• Humanities;
• Life science and Biomedicine;
• Natural Sciences.

The faculty has a school of mentors and tutors who provide support 24 hours a day and carry out socio-cultural adaptation. Our teachers speak several foreign languages and are always ready to help our students.

For applicants wishingto study remotely, DSTU offers participation in the "Distance Preparatory Faculty" project. The study process takes into account the specifics of the country and region, including the difference in time zones and the needs of the national economy.

To be enrolled in training, the applicant must fill the registration form in, which is available on the university website, and follow the further instructions.
For students
DSTU is the largest dynamically developing scientific and educational complex in the South of Russia, where more than 45,000 students study.

The university welcomes applicants for study programs of vocational and higher education, as well as further vocational education with the use of distance learning technologies. In total, the university implements more than 400 study programs, 14 of which are joint programs with universities from Germany, Great Britain, China and other countries. DSTU graduates can get the European Diploma Supplement, which allows them to continue their studies at universities in the European Higher Education Area.
DSTU provides project-based programs that enables students to solve technological problems at enterprises, in such a way allowing graduates to acquire the knowledge and competencies necessary for successful employment and further careers.

The most demanded fields of studies:
Vocational education:
• Engineering technology
• Welding industry
• Information systems and technologies
• Physical culture
Higher education:
• Construction
• Aircraft engineering
• Technology of transport processes
• Linguistics
• Informatics and computer technology
• Economy
• Management
• Mechanical engineering
• Mechatronics and robotics
• Power engineering and oil and gas industry
Head of the Department Yuri Protsenko
Тел.:+7 863 273-87-83
Dean Nina Novikova
Тел.: +7 863 238-17-83, +7 863 273-83-76